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Almene Barends

Owner | Entrepreneur | Mom

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression….I say it’s all lies

Six Years later, loads of ups and downs – we are continuously striving to get it right, make it better and give you an experience which leaves you wanting more.

Some call us Dreamers, others call us friends.

We are continuously looking for quality goods we can fall in love with, and source it for you. Know this – if we don’t absolutely love it – you will not find it here…

We have recently teamed up with Zara Jane Collection – they bring along with them beautiful handmade goods, crafted out of natural products…

We are also bringing Vintage back and of course #OOTD – our biggest winner in years past. So much to tell you, but let us get back to work ….more to come soon, hang about to see what’s to come …