Mindfulness…..Live, Breathe it all in, Relax

This is a bit of a personal note – one I felt I needed to write based on me needing to take a step back these past 10 days. Being sick (and looking after a 7 year old) for a full 10 days got me thinking; am I living the way I want to?

Everyone knows I love my coffee, yet I could not even get up to make myself a cuppa – I kept thinking “Why is my body not healing? When last have I taken a time-out? Have I been feeding my body nutritious meals – when last have I sat back and tasted a fresh piece fruit?” These questions scared me, but also got me thinking – I am the only one who can change this ….. I need to become more mindful of who I am; listen to my body and enjoy what is around me as much as I can without sweating the small stuff.

So…here I am on a Monday morning, challenging you to become more mindful of yourself – for yourself; you deserve it! I will also be doing some research into what we can do to relax, breathe and live a little amidst the chaos surrounding us.

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